Field trips – Felt (FEELED) trips

Could you imagine the energy that vibrates in an excursion trip?

Once upon students also relive the joy and fun they had while in such trips. Students from all walks of culture, race and religion irrespective of their level or class unconditionally extend the togetherness of sharing when it comes to excursions organised by schools.

I love to share the pictures of a day- long excursion we had to a rural area.

The purpose was to visit a small scale industry manufacturing earthen ware, a large scale industry manufacturing earthen ware floor tiles for export and of course plenty of fun.

The potter’s wheel – I remember having studied in class 3 or 4, am not pretty sure. Perhaps, they were manually operated ones then. Thanks to technology and innovations we are blessed with the motorised ones these days! Having tried my hands on the soft, supple, processed clay I would rather say, “It is absolutely an unexplainable feeling! Its softness and dexterity would in no way stand a match to the artificial slime that has found a prominent place in the supermarket shelves”.

The next was the large scale manufacturing unit; here we could see that manufacturing protocols were computerised and the entire unit was machine driven, fully fledged to manufacturing standards. The limited human hands added the final but indispensable touch to the finished products.

The ultimate outcome of the trip which I cannot deny:

School trips are felt by students.

Those who show the least involvement in the classroom, I could see the enthusiasm with which they went around, gathering tactile experiences to relate them to the theory in their textbooks.

SCHOOLS – please arrange such trips often to kindle the hands on experience innate in every child!

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