Herald of dawn

19 views 1:43 pm 0 Comments November 13, 2022

LIGHT! FRESHNESS! NEW ENERGY announcing the onset of good health and happiness round…

There could be no other possible time in the 24 hour cycle that could boast of everything that is so wonderfully packed and thrown to us……..

How many of us are ready to sense this phenomenal part of the day?

Just lazing out of bed, I came to have a look at the new day. Good gracious! The Neem tree right to my doorstep – spoke volumes of goodness and inspirations against the bright orangish yellow hue at the far horizon. The silhouette of my tree stood gigantic, pumping out measures and measures of oxygen – UNCONDITIONALLY!

How could our green counterparts invite so many lives to them, when it is a million dollar question with human beings?

The tweets and chirps of our winged mates added all the more to the already prevailing glory.

  • Do they welcome the sun after a temporary period of darkness?
  • Or do they announce the beginning of one more precious day to this beautiful world….. To live the fullest, spreading love, compassion and harmony. My spirit longs to decipher the unknown language of these wonderful creatures!

I am amazed at their over flowing energy, sending wake up calls to this sleepy world.

My lovely creatures, don’t you have snooze buttons in you?

Are you not tempted to lay long in your nests like us?

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