A ‘Call’ reminded me that I should have pages of my own to scribble my thoughts… To share my thoughts with the world around me – the world that has made me and the world that has given so much to me!

It was then that I seriously considered of initiating my domain exclusively to quench my thirst for writing and staying connected with like-minded friends! Perhaps this would streamline my niche on organised realms – catering to the relevant audience!

A teacher turned administrator and trainer I have crossed 25 years in the field of education in different capacities both in India and abroad. Classrooms are my territories and facilitating all inside the learning and teaching frame is my day to day business. Being with students keeps me young. I am born every day – with new hopes and ideologies to keep myself still in gear. I love classroom experiences and challenges; in fact, challenges in the classroom definitely lead to a boom in productive outcomes.

  1. To reach out to the desperate teaching lot that battles the classroom conflicts and
  2. To reach out to the hungry student lot waiting with open hands and curious eyes to grasp anything that is given to them.

My girth would be as far as home makers, adolescents, loners, senior citizens, volunteers, drop outs and the like….

An aesthetic love for needlework and embroidery pushes me towards some creative moments now and then. Crochet and paper mache are also my stress busters.

Our belongingness to the universe and in-depth awareness of our body’s natural ability to heal itself, the need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically sound are the life lessons I learnt in school of Pranic healing. Pranic healing practices leave me with the contented feeling that I am able to alleviate others’ ailments and psychological conditions… This sense of contentment has helped me reach the ‘Arhatic Yogi’ level in the Pranic school.

I am just taking a baby step to venture into this wonderful world.

Yet I have a very long way to go….

“I have miles to go before I sleep” is what that truly speaks of me.

Wishing love and peace always,


Swap Burning Out For a Fire Within

How may I help you?

  • Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Proof reading & editing
  • Content for social media
  • Teacher orientation
  • Hand writing reach
  • Scripts for video creations
  • Creating affiliate content
  • Curriculum development for the kindergarten
  • Writing show notes for podcasts
  • Classroom behaviour in the primary
  • Behavioural patterns in adolescents


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Work With Me

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