The dame’s day – Dawns to die and Born to shine


This is the script I had prepared for a sort of mime in the local community on ‘Women’s Day. (Scene 1 depicts the woman of the previous generation. Scene 2 shows how the woman of the current day has rights to education, career and equality in the society.)

Scene 1

The dame’s day, dawns to die

Who is she? The one created to crave for love? Designed to develop a family? Sired to succumb to domestic chores? Who is she?

Here we offer you the mightiest of all God’s creations. The ‘woman’ is commonly depicted as the weaker human but we fail to realise her strengths, both physical & mental. Her suppression by birth, her compromises in childhood and sisterhood, her chances missed out in youth hood, her total surrender in matrimony, her endless sacrifices in motherhood and the never ending mayhem of ill treatments inflicted on her, are ever unattended to.

This is an eye opener to all souls who deny justice to the female community. The trail of eve, from the start, is conveyed through silent, synchronised gestures and body language. Her early dawns bring a load of duties called by the mother herself, when the males relax and enjoy their birth rights. Hence, her maiden, golden period vanishes into thin air with meagre choices for education, nourishment acceptance, social respect, priorities and opportunities.

It’s still worse when she enters the phase of the nuptial bond. The husband and the in laws, as though they were born to inflict torture on the new comer, push her to the verge of frustration. The husband, her hero, is granted all the royal rights of the social evils which the wife is to endure for sure. It is an inborn virtue expected of a girl and goes granted, both, in the high and the low society.

Mother land, mother tongue and a nation known to respect motherhood, a land which has all its rivers in feminine names, the only land which respects the soil as mother earth… Do we really appreciate and adore our sisters, mothers and daughters? THINK… Where are we heading to???

Home, neighborhood, workplace society, wherever it may be, let us respect them even if not honor them.

Scene 2

The dame’s day born to shine

Gone are those days of slavery and compromise. Today’s woman is one to decide, one to lead, one to rule and one to win. She has crossed thorny paths of distress and agony to the golden gates of freedom and equality. She is not the one to stoop anymore.

She shares the world with the man and proves herself. The kitchen or the computer, the home or the profession – the world bows to her. She is the princess, the queen and the empress. O mighty creation of God we roll the red carpet for your new entry to salvage mankind.

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